Atlas Performance Technologies

The Safety Experts

At Atlas Performance Technologies, safety is the name of the game. We partner with organizations of all sizes to ensure that their workers are working safely. We accomplish this through an assortment of training programs and tools, including our patented Lift Like A Pro curriculum and software. To put it simply: we help businesses reduce injuries and injury-related expenses. And no-one does it better!

Dr. Chris Hughes

Dr. Christopher Hughes, a founding member of Atlas Performance Technologies, has created and perfected over the past 30 years a proprietary program to address a common dilemma that warehouses experience: Implementing a culture of safety to be adopted by an entire workforce, with specific biomechanics training for each worker. We have had measurable success in large warehouse environments reducing injury while enhancing production.

Dr. Chris Hughes Demonstrating Proper Box Lifting

Our Team

Justin Kurpeikis

Co-Founder / CEO

Dr. Chris Hughes

Co-Founder / Training Coordinator

Ethan Dixon

Business Consultant / IT Director

John Hubler

Web & Software Developer

Anna Carley

Operations & Business Development

Our Background

Atlas Performance Technologies was founded in 2019 by former NFL linebacker Justin Kurpeikis and Biomechanics Expert Dr. Chris Hughes, in order to pair groundbreaking technological data with expert analysis.

This unique, pairing has allowed Atlas Performance Technologies to meaningfully insert themselves in various industries including Sports Performance, Workplace Safety, Cannabis Farming & Production, and Ergonomic Training.

In 2022, they launched their first-of-its-kind software package, Lift Like A Pro, which gives organizations everything they need in order to train, observe, track, and monitor the safety of their workers – helping them to reduce injuries, and injury-related expenses.

Meanwhile, Atlas Performance Technologies continues to grow, and has become a prominent voice in the safety, sports performance, and warehouse industries.